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Connecting Your Laptop to a TV

RGB cables are very frequently used as they are a computer analog video standard. RGB cables are also called component cables. An RGB cable comprises of three colors (red, blue and green) and integrates them together with sync information (both horizontal and vertical) so as to project a complete video image. Here is it important … Continue reading

An RGB Cable is a VGA Connector

RGB CABLE:  RGB cables are the cables supporting analog video signals that have now become standard with most computer equipment. RGB cables are used on a large scale. At one end, they are conveniently used for more viable and practical hook-ups such as broadcasting stations for instance. On the other hand, they have been found … Continue reading

What are RGB Cables?

One of the universal accessories of our technology driven society is the RGB cable. Essentially named after its physical appearance – the Red, Green and Blue cable is a seemingly unimportant yet necessary component of most audio/visual mediums. Gaming consoles, DVD players, Blue ray players, sound systems and even PC’s & laptops utilize RGB cables … Continue reading